Participant Speak

Participant Speak

"Having attended a complete course in Project Management, this program was a revision to certain topics. Nonetheless, Risk analysis, project Indexing, project proposals, etc. were some of the new chapters explained very well in detail. As a well-wisher, I would suggest the Ergonomix team to incorporate a more in-depth module (than the current one) on Project financing as it the major parameter in projects. I wish all the very best to the team for their future prospects. Keep up the good work. Cheers!"

Abhijeet Surve

Project Engineer at Ganraj Engineering

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It was a great practical learning experience.It's new as the entire Session was focused on Cost Economics for Project Engineering. P.S. It's not "Project management".

Being a lead engineer the project engineering session is benificial for me to know about the Time value of Money , Project costing , factors affecting costing, past examples on costing , fixed and variable marketing, project schedule , loadings , performance guarantees , typical project proposal and contract formats etc.

We did the manual calculations with formulae and made the session more lively. The time duration for the session was less , where i feel there's a scope for improvement for the session. I am satisfied and recommend Lead engineers to participate for the course.

Anup Prusty

Sr. Design Engineer at Citec Group

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"I attended this program for the first time and many of my doubts on Time, Cost and Quality were cleared and have gained good amount of knowledge. However not all the topics like Project Planning,Scheduling, and risk management were clear, due to lack of time. In my opinion the length of the program should be increased and more real time example should be included to have a better understanding of the Project Engineering concepts. Hope you allot more time in the future batches. Overall I found the program very helpful and would recommend my engineering friends and colleagues to attend it."

Ishrath khan

Instrumentation Engineer at Sribhavya Engineering Solutions Private Limited.

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"Though I have attended a Project Management training earlier, this program helped me to understand more about the finance part in the Projects. I think, couldn't go in detail about Project contract and proposal formats due to the time constraints. Hope you will allot more time on these topics for the future batches. I also felt it will be beneficial if you give more focus on Project Schedule and Planning in your program. Overall a good program it was and I will suggest it to my colleagues"

Rony Francis

Project Manager at Citec Group

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"Overall program was very good.My suggestion would be please throw some light on project management in mechanical and electrical industries."

Pranita Madke

Project Trainee at Tata Motors

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"The topics which I have learnt from your presentation helped me to set up a good platform to my present job profile. Especially project costing, Risk management, project schedule & proposal are the topics which very useful to my regular work profile. In addition to that it would have been better if you explain on technical aspects, real time examples and also if you provide hardcopy of material. Overall a good program it was and I will suggest it to my colleagues".

Ch. V. V. Varaprasad

Design Engineer at HBL Power Systems

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"Though I have worked maximum time in Project Engineering directly during my career, this program helped me to understand more about the technical details some extent about finance part in the Projects.

Particularly I understood about the importance of Auxiliary Power consumption in a Power Project and it’s guarantees. Also understood further about the importance of inter discipline coordination during execution of Project.

The Training program may be planned for about 3 days for the executives of 2 to 3 years’ experience.

Overall the Training Program was certainly good and informative. I definitely suggest it to my junior colleagues”.

T V V S Murty

Executive Director at Sribhavya Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd

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The training and topics covered were somewhat relevant to job I do. Topics like LD,retention, performance loading, main aspects to be considered while bid evaluation and and tendering.It will be more helpful when i get to implement it on more practical basis in projects and tendering. It is a good training program were basics of Project Management are covered.

Sanjay Rathod

Project Manager, CITEC India

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This is the first time I had attended a Project Management training program.Though I am not am MBA graduate nor taken any special training classes, i started learning project management by working on live projects.Your program had made me understand more about pricing,risk management and time value of the projects. I thought it could be better if you would have spent more time explaining about Project contract, commercial terms and proposal formats.Overall it was a good program and i definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Santosh Kumar Goud

Project Manager, Aries Power Systems Hyderabad

Dear sir,
I felt that the seminar which you have given is being very useful in my recent works like project Engg, Costing, Planning, Procurement, Project Scheduling, Erection in achieving a good result mainly in the Project engineering

Srinivas Rao

Sr Elect engineer, Aries Power Systems Hyderabad

Dear sir,
I am a new in this area of knowledge, so it was very helpful for me to understand the various topics in Project engineering. One of the problem I need to mentioned that the time we get for this training was very short. It will be very helpful for us if we are getting more time for the session. I am looking for more sessions in this topic which is important for an Engineer like me in my career.

Best of luck for your future sessions.

Dileep kk

Sr Design Engineer (Instrumentation), CITEC India

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