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Feedback from a TIER- I Institute

The launch program for PG students in Project Management and Construction Management was at a Tier- I, autonomous Institute. While the students were extremely interactive, as the trainer, it left me with a lot of queries. Since the students were from Techno- Managerial streams, I had expected critical queries from them on core areas related to projects. However, the queries they raised did not encourage me to think high on the quality of pedagogy they were supposed to have been received.

So it was perhaps, a moment of asking REALLY? !

On another level, however, it also reinforced the conviction about the utility of this program- ie: If this is the quality of PG students belonging to a Tier- I institute in the country (amongst the top 25 colleges in the country), that too in streams dealing with Project management aspects, what could be expected from the rest of the lot?????