FAQ's / Addl. FAQ's for Profl. Engrs

Addl. FAQ's for Profl. Engrs

Well, fact is that in many Cos while engineers are familiar with DETAILING of projects , even middle level engineers have been found STRUGGLING to grip with project Concepts. In Owner( Developer) organisations or EPC Contracting Cos, many find it difficult to figure out how their CONSULTANTS have conceptualised the project – determination of parameters having major bearing on the Economics of the project.

And, it is these aspects which we will be UNTANGLING it for you with WORKED OUT examples for DIFFERENT situations-

  1. Across Business sectors
  2. Across Corporate image/ size
  3. Across Risk ( Low/ Medium /High) categories
  4. Across Economies ( Far East, US, Middle East)
  5. Across Business cycle ( obsolescence)

You will be facing the INTERVIEW with rejuvenated CONFIDENCE !

Typically any prospective employer’s primary query will be to 'TELL ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW'..... and if those first steps are crossed with ease, the chances of getting selection will improve substantially!

The primary module is 3 days which is adequate for most of the engineers

However, as an option, we do have an extended module lasting 5 days which covers additional topics in PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT.

Well, it is not a question of 'JUST 3 DAYS'.......but what DEPTH of understanding you get during those 3 days ! As we mentioned earlier, the program is structured like a WORKSHOP, not a LECTURE ie: it will be an interactive program with participants learning by WORKING on the EXERCISES related to various cases. So there is no way any participant can ESCAPE learning!