FAQ's / Addl. FAQ's for Employers

Addl. FAQ's for Employers

We will start with stating that HUMAN RESOURCE depts. Of many organisation have started recognising what is loosely phrased as EMPLOYEE VALUE ADDITION.

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Point #1 :Projects concept cannot be like a ‘ONE-SIZE FIT ALL’ shoekeeping in view the competitiveness that has come to play in this time and age. You are well aware, database from one project is used for the next; but what does not attract attention is that, in many cases, the Concepts are not CUSTOMISED in many cases for the project’s specific economic drivers !

And in projects, Concepts sit at the apex of the Value chain with direct relationwith the profitability.

Point#2 : With talents thinning out, the tasks carried out earlier by say , a 15 year experienced engineer is being now shouldered by a younger person having just 5 – 8 years’ experience; but with far less ‘learning’. And this gap can be a potential lowdown on the EMPLOYEE VALUE ADDITION !

Point# 3: many organisations find difficult to spare experience of senior executives towards training of younger engineers keeping in view the excruciating schedule on routine tasks itself.

The collective impact of the above is that it helps the organisation to benefit by channelizing training to the top of the value chain.

Well, u see, this is not a LECTURE based training; rather one structured on ‘LEARNING- BY – DOING’ framework and obviously that will ensure the concepts will have a long sustainable value.

Further, for organisations which sponsor candidates, we conduct an ASSESSMENT TEST after a reasonable period