FAQ's / Addl. FAQ's for Fresh Hands

Addl. FAQ's for Fresh Hands

We are well aware, many grads from outside Tier-I (IITs) and Tier-II/III ( NITs/ AAA rated instis) are either unemployed/ or employed with measly salaries / working conditions. Many sometimes take 8 to 1 2 months to even get such jobs.

Joining a FINISHING course is one way to improve the knowledge and skills.

But first you need to get there, right?



Point # 1 : Only large Cos gives formal training ie: actually 2- 3 % of fresh grads get opportunity to get trained.

Point #2: Even those Cos confine the training to TECHNICAL STUFF and many fresh grads/ post-grads find themselves like 'FISH OUT OF WATER' for several months into the jobs.

In respect of project execution, they rarely get an idea about the Connect between Technical stuff and Cost/ economic drivers of a project.

Well, the USP of this program is that many of the topics covered will be found of VALUE by both fresh grads and experienced engineers. In fact, by attending this program, many fresh grads cover a lot of ‘distance’ – in respect of knowledge and skill sets - in career with their experienced counterparts in the industry. And that can make all the difference in the long run !

So whether you are seeking an immediate job change or looking for jobs, the program is going to give you a big leg up !

Well, what we are covering is mostly GENERIC to many type of industries ( please see the list and pictures in home page)

So irrespective of the industry you end up joining, these concepts will be of immense use. Further, since the program is interactive and structured on 'LEARNING- BY – DOING' framework, the concepts will have a long sustainable value.

For Fresh grads the duration is 2 days.

However, as an option, we do have an extended module lasting 3 days.