About us / Introduction

Introduction :

In Project Execution arena, it has been found that there is hardly any organization in India which can connect Technical (domain aspects) with Cost-Economics aspects.

A broad perspective of the current scenario can be summarized as follows:

  • In recent times, Project conceptualisation and execution have been moving from a knowledge based to information based methodology with pace of obsolescence escalating over the years.
  • With business getting more and more globalised, competition has been escalating.
  • With experienced hands thinning out, organisations are getting compelled to rely on younger and youngerhands for shouldering responsibility; but many times not able to equip them with adequate grasp of the nuances/focus areas.
  • By far, the most significant gap found in the skillsets of junior and mid-level engineers has been the lack of ability to Customise the Concept for the Given project, by connecting the core Technical stuff with Cost-economics and Market fundamentals of the day, resulting in 'copy-paste' of concepts from earlier projects!

We have captured this gap and prepared the modules suiting to the needs of engineers from FRESH hands right upto Senior level project Engineers/ Managers.

The Program essentially carries the participant thru the different stages of the project with COST, PRICE and FINANCE related matters WOVEN THROUGHOUT the program, seamlessly linking with domain aspects.


To become the most trustworthy TRAINING ORGANISATION FOR ENGINEERS in India imparting state-of-the-art training for both FRESH graduates and Professional engineers.


To build a Training Organization with a continuous 360o view of the fast changing need of the industry, inculcate Contextual Thinking in the participants, hand-hold with non-profit organizations to make training AFFORDABLE to aspiring Engineers from the less privileged sections of the society and , in the process, lift the perception of the training industry from one of ‘lecture circuit’ to the one which renders significant Value Proposition.

The program, inter alia, also aims to contribute to the Skill Development efforts of the Government.